Mkhiwa Trust


Message from the Chairman Since 1994, South Africa offers many opportunities for its citizens. However, the ability to exploit these opportunities largely depends on the access to better education and health for these citizens. South Africa needs educated and healthy people to realise its full economic growth potential and solve the youth unemployment problem. Whilst the country can boast of historic numbers of young people who now have access to education and health facilities, the quality of this education and health in the underserved communities is still poor and many challenges remain. This is despite the fact that South Africa ranks very highly in terms of the percentage of the national budget allocated to education and health. The South African government has made significant progress in addressing the challenges in the education and health system, however we must accept that it is going to take many generations for the destruction which was caused by apartheid to be eradicated.

Dealing with these challenges cannot be left to the government alone. The country needs all those who have resources including corporates, non-governmental organisations and civil society to get involved in uplifting society and close the gaps which exist between rich and poor. It is in the belief that as a family we need to play our role in uplifting our communities that Mkhiwa Trust was formed by Judy and Sizwe Nxasana. As a family we are priviledged that we were raised in households which not only had access to good education but also saw the need to help others who may not have been as priviledged. We are committed to continue this legacy.

Mkhiwa Trust supports education and health initiatives for the underpriviledged communities especially in rural areas, with Ixopo in KwaZulu Natal, being one of the major beneficiaries. Our commitment to supporting these initiatives has further been strengthened by the untimely death of our dear son Sifiso. He was passionate about young children and education. In his memory we would like to increase our efforts through Mkhiwa Trust which includes partnering with government, other individuals and organisations to uplift those who are not as priviledged. We believe that by working in partnerships we can achieve more.

On behalf of the trustees, I would like to thank all those who have supported us in many different ways. Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu!