Mbekani Group, founded by Dr Judy Dlamini in 1996, houses operational and investment companies, across different sectors. Mbekani celebrated the 20-year milestone in 2016. Judy is passionate about education, giving back and the empowerment of people, especially women. Her doctoral thesis investigated strategies for women’s career progression as informed by accomplished women leaders experiences. In her first book, titled EQUAL BUT DIFFERENT: Women Leaders’ Life Stories: Overcoming Gender, Race & Social Class, she shares the life journeys of the women leaders she interviewed for her thesis. She is the recipient of various awards, including Woman The Brand (2009), The African Economy Builder Lifetime Achiever Award for 2016 from African Economy Builder Forum; The Global CEO’s 2016 Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business and Government SADC South award for the Business and Professional Services sector at regional and national level, and Fabulous Woman Award 2016.

Mbekani Group has operations in Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria with a head office in Johannesburg. The dream of financial independence and playing an active role in different sectors of the economy was born out of opportunities identified  and emancipation realised with the dawn of democracy in 1994.

Kusa Women Consortium, a black women owned investment company founded in 1994, was the precursor to the Group. From humble beginnings starting with two employees in 1996 in Occupational Health, the group has grown to more than 100 employees and operations and investments in different sectors of the economy.

The group is built on strong values of Ubuntu, Integrity & Honesty, Respect, Passion, Humility, Innovation and consistent excellent service.

Mbekani believes in the empowerment of its employees whose majority is black women, and giving to communities and individuals. Our corporate social investment is done through Mkhiwa Trust, a family funded Public Benefit Organisation. The three focus areas are health, education and rural development.